Core concepts


Track customer journeys and discover what content resonates with your audience with metrics like clicks, geographic data, and top traffic sources.

Introduction to analytics

Traffic for every short link is tracked and measured by Pixel to provide best-in-class analytics. The data collected includes the visitor's country, device, browser, operating system, and any UTM parameters included with the request.

How we count clicks

Clicks are counted by requests to our CDN. We do not use JavaScript therefore our reported metrics are far more accurate than those reported by providers dependent on third-party scripts like Google Analytics.

The difference between clicks and visitors

Analytics displays two different metrics: clicks and visitors. The click count is the total number of clicks and includes repeat clicks, visitors are unique clicks.

Why some clicks may not be reported

We intentionally cache every link for 90 seconds to ensure performance and accuracy. If some of your clicks are not incrementing the click count as expected, it's usually because the link is cached in your browser.

Managing analytics

Analytics can be segmented in many ways to allow you to optimise every digital initiative. To manage analytics visit the insight page.

How to filter by properties

You can filter traffic by any combination of properties for any date range. This provides detailed insight by domain, short link, country and more.

Quick tip!

UTM parameters are a great way to track how your links are performing across different sources. Simply append your UTM parameters to your short link URL when sharing.