Core concepts

Team members

Collaborate with team members across campaigns. Manage everything from within a shared dashboard.

Introduction to team members

Team members are the perfect way to collaborate within Pixel across a shared dashboard. Whether a team member can modify assets created by others is determined by the role they're assigned.

What is the team member role?

Users assigned the standard team member role can see assets and analytics for the entire organisation, but can only update or delete assets that they created themselves.

What is the admin role?

Users assigned the admin role can read, update, and delete the assets of any user. Admins can also perform other high-level tasks like creating invitations for other team members, and updating their details.

Managing team members

Account owners and users assigned an administrative role can invite, update, and remove other team members.

How to invite a team member

To invite a user, visit the teams panel, click invite users, and enter the appropriate details. Each individual will be sent an email inviting them to join your team, before prompting them to update their password.

How to update the details of a team member

The name, role, and email address of any user who isn't an account owner can be updated from the teams panel by clicking the edit button. If you opt to update a user's email address they will be sent a confirmation email before the change is processed.

How to remove a team member

As in the last step, any user that is not an account owner can be removed from the teams panel by clicking the remove button.

You should know!

Removing a user will not remove any links, domains, pixels, or tags that user created and these entities will remain associated with the organisation.