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Introduction to Pixel

A URL shortener built with serverless technology to help you grow, without the looming concern of downtime or click limits.

How do I use Pixel?

The Pixel service has lots of helpful features to help you market and connect with your audience. In its simplest form Pixel allows you to shorten any URL.

This can be done through our Chrome extension or in the dashboard after sign-up.

How does Pixel work?

The service works by transforming any long, complicated URL into a shorter, more readable link. When a user clicks the shortened version, they are redirected to the destination URL.

How is Pixel different from Bitly?

Our service allows users to build custom retargeting audiences on third-party websites through the use of pixels.

How does Pixel differ from other products?

Many short URL services experience outages and have monthly usage limits. When your links go down, so does customer trust. We built Pixel with the latest serverless tech to provide unparalleled uptime and unlimited usage.

Do you have a referral or affiliate program?

If you have an audience who you think would love Pixel you can sign-up for our affiliate program.

Do you offer non-profit discounts?

Yes, if you represent a non-profit organisation please reach out to the team to claim a recurring 50% discount on your subscription.

While Pixel does not support deep links in the traditional sense, it does support Universal Links for iOS and App Links for Android. Universal links are a new standard where regular URLs redirect to an app without needing a platform-specific URL scheme.

Additional information

We are very careful with personally identifiable information. All session and analytics data is anonymised. Data is stored securely on protected infrastructure, running AWS services in the AWS Cloud.

We understand that by using our service you're investing a lot of trust in us. That's why for every link you create with Pixel, we guarantee that if we ever cease to operate, your links will continue to work for a minimum of 2 years. This includes if we close down or get acquired.

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