Specific roadblocks that you may encounter while getting started with the Pixel service.

Google Analytics reports different numbers

Our Analytics will report the correct numbers, but oftentimes Google Analytics will report lower numbers.

Many visitors opt to disable third-party cookies or may use an ad-block extension. This causes JavaScript-based analytics solutions to under-report traffic.

Analytics is not counting all of my clicks

This will likely be due to your browser caching the link thus not making another request. We intentionally cache every link for 90 seconds to ensure performance and accuracy.

If you'd like to test your links, the easiest way is with an incognito browser window. Keep in-mind that incognito windows will still cache links for the duration of the browser session.

Account temporarily restricted

There are a number of security measures in place to ensure the service is not used for phishing and other harmful purposes. If you receive this message it is because we've detected some unusual activity on your account and have therefore restricted your usage.

If you believe you are receiving this in error, please let us know. We ask that you also include any evidence that may support your claim.

Debugging a domain that isn't routing correctly

The easiest way to check if your domain is correctly configured is if requests to the domain redirect to the Pixel 404 page. If your domain doesn't redirect, this is usually due to a DNS configuration error.

You should confirm that your DNS records are correctly configured and do not contain any conflicts. If you continue to face issues kindly reach out to support.

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